Pastor de Beauce

Originally known as the Chien de Beauce, the Berger de Beauce is a French sheep and cattle dog known for its courageous temperament and strong will. It is easily trained, and its stable character also makes it an excellent guard dog. Beauceron and Bas Rouge were the names given towards the late nineteenth century to describe this ancient French Sheepdog. An energetic, dominant breed, the Berger de Beauce needs consistent training and plenty of exercise.


A cousin of the Briard, the Berger de Beauce may also be an ancestor of the Doberman. The name "Berger de Beauce" first appears in 1809 to distinguish this short haired dog from the long haired type, called "Berger de Brie" or "Briard". The Beauceron was greatly valued by the military during the two World wars, and it became popular in the countries neighbouring France, as well as the USA.


The Berger de Beauce is very protective of its home and can be a formidable guard dog. Their vigilance and bravery also makes them superb rescue and police dogs. They have a patient, easy going temperament, which enables them to adapt well to family life. They are generally very good...

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